How to Keep Your Top Employees From Leaving (Infographic)

Employee recognition programs may sound like an unneeded expense, but research shows that a little peer-to-peer recognition goes a long way.  


For example, organizations with a strong employee recognition approach are 12 times more likely to have strong business results, according to data cited by OfficeVibe. Companies with strategic recognition programs also report lower turnover rates than companies that don’t.


The infographic below explains why investing in employee recognition is worth it.


Strong employee are the back bone of the organisations. How your company perform in the market it is totally depend on the team that how much they have experience, how they adopt the new techniques and how long they deal with the same organisation. If company ignore the senior and experienced employee’s need then it effects on the work. And you can see market value of that particular company how it perform in the industry. So it is more important that companies should have senior and experienced person for their work.


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